ALL CAHPI members welcome at NACHI members rates
Welcome to the Home Inspection Event of the Millenium!

Welcome to NACHI’s 2007 Convention in Toronto!
Over 2,500 inspectors, 92 exhibitors, 40 speakers, education galore, free nachos, one heck of a good time!

Thursday, May 17 and Friday, May 18, 2007
Cutting edge continuing education. Spectacular speakers. 92 industry exhibitors.
Spouses get a V.I.P. pass and access to everything including education for only $50.
Children under 18 are free and are welcome to join us.

Click here to see the list of door prizes and giveaways!

I have registered and looking forward to this event!!!


I would

Good to see you on the board.

I have not sent out a formal invitation to the members and we already have a great responce in attendees. Right now I have more people signed up from the US than Canada (not including vendors). I will have all the classes and vendors organized by the end of the month. I will start sending invitations in October. I think 7 months is plenty of notice.

Hang on I expect this will be BIG I am very pleasantly surprised how many have sent me questions on the Conference .
Thanks Dee you have done a fantastic job .
This just confirms again what a great Association NACHI is and how it helps all home inspectors every where .
Roy Cooke

Mario, how did you register? I don’t see a registration form


Just go to Roy’s post,click door prizes and go to bottom of page under registration.

I registered before * paid $399.00 I better be registered!!
I think after sept. 1st add $100.00?


Lots more info comming down the pipe soon That I do believe was just a temp set up the full list to follow shortly . Roy Cooke*


Correction after sept. 1st the cost is $749.00!!!


It better be. $799?.. I don’t think so :mrgreen:


Read my post I never said “it” what I said was “I better be registered” and yes registration now is $749.00 that’s why I registered early,I paid $399.00.


Mario, “it” refers to Roy’s post that it is “a temp set up”. When a permanent oficial registration form will be released, the dead line should be extended. We are at the end of September, and I don’t believe too many people registered for a lower fee yet.

I agree!!



Deanna has extended the registration deadline for the Toronto convention 2007

It will remain at $399.00 until Feb.1st 2007 after that date it will go to $749.00