NACHI Convention in Toronto

Nick has aked me to Get some Information so NACHI can hold another Convention In Toronto.
Please post all ideas and thoughts here .
When would be the best time for you .
Where would be the best Location.
Tell us the courses you would like taught.

[FONT=Arial][size=2]Reports from those who came to the last
**Toronto NACHI Convention **

Pictures from the Toronto Convention

$8,300.00 worth of free nachos pulled in inspectors from 8 different countries. Free nachos at NACHI’s recent Convention in Toronto brought in inspectors from the U.S., Canada, S. Vietnam, Australia, Dubai, Bangladesh, U.K., and South Africa. Best $8,300.00 we ever spent. :smile: Hot PICs:


Late November- Early December
Same location as last time–Lots of parking, close to airport and hotels for the out of towners


Yes as late in the year as possible as most of us slow up a bit then, thanx, Chuck. PS hope it is as good as the last one.:smiley:

I had a BLAST up north…met some GREAT people.

Well lets keep this at the top.

What happened to Vegas?

Nick is talking about Two
One is good two is fantastic.
One east one west.
Bob to Toronto 500 miles
Bob To Vegas 1.800 miles

Don’t they already have a Bob Elliott in toronto?:slight_smile:

NOw that would be great a chance for me to meet both .

Be careful what you wish for, Roy. One may be more than anyone can handle! ;):smiley:

Bob, you’ve been here long enough to know that Nick attempts to have a Canadian Convention, and a US convention. Last I heard, Vegas is still in the works.

I would go to both.:smiley:

Me too, but given a choice, my wife prefers Vegas $$$.

As much as I would enjoy the convention in TO, my bones would really enjoy the heat of Vegas. Choices Wow.

I would love to visit Toronto,though they use it as a cheap way to make movies appear to be in Chicago.

Should see if there is a way to find distant relatives from Elliott paints.
Would not even know how to make family tree connections.

Yea that is what my wife said too!!:o

Roy if you see this ,I tried to reply but your mail was rejected ?
Anyway I saw your email,so thanks.

Try again address at bottom of this post…

A convention would be great, Toronto or east of it. I suppose I would get a bunch of guys worked up if I said “how about Ottawa” wouldn’t I??

If we couold just get them worked up on a convention, that :neutral: would be good.