Townhome Wind Mitigation

Needing guidance, 4 unit townhome, all units under same roof (2 story, gable), the units have just been re-roofed, two of the four homeowners (one end unit and another between each end) upgraded to single strap (retrofit) and the other two units remain clip, would the attachment credit still stay the same as CLIP? Its my first instinct, but I know there’s probably going to be two upset homeowners. Appreciate the feedback


If you get the call from one unit owner and you inspect and you mark what you see in the unit. If you get a call to inspect the whole bldg you go to weakest. Just my humble opinion. If you just got a call from one unit you would have no idea of what is in the others.

I’m not sure, but would this property be considered commercial?
If so your HI license may not allow you to do this inspection…
I don’t know for sure ,but FYI…

Does Florida license Commercial inspectors?
If not, it’s a non-issue, other than training/knowledge/capabilities.
Most states classify 4 or less units as Residential, 5 or more as Commercial.

You have a great point, didn’t look at it that way, appreciate the feedback Michael!

If you already know what each unit has, then go with the weakest connection. There really is not much credit difference between clip and single wrap anyway.

I agree clip now equals wrap and not commercial