Townhome windmit

Well there is a new permitted roof…Not sure if it gets credit though.

If it is over his entire unit I would say yes. Not sure what others would say. the unit is obviously owned by an individual who is responsible for the exterior.

Not really sure what the Wizzzzzes will say though?

Mikey - question -
What’s the roof style?
If it’s in the middle of attached units (not an end unit),
I guess it’s other style if the bldg ends are gabled & more than 10% of the entire bldg perimeter?

This is not a “challenge” test for you, just looking for good info for the future.
I am now calling it other style based on the above scenario.
I’ve seen some inspectors give it a hip rating.

I would only give it a hip if it had a block party wall that extended above the roof line.

I would also give the roof credit.

Thanks much Greg! :slight_smile:

I agree with greg if the unit as a whole would not be a hip.

Why would’t it get credit for the new permitted roof?

Just the roof over the owners unit was done. I don’t see how the owners unit is protected if the connected unit next door roof blew off. Over thinking probably.

You measure the whole roof.

Non-hip, and yes with proper permit “they” can get a FBC credit for the roof covering.

But Thomas is right. It is bullsh-t because they are all connected unless like Greg said. John is correct though.