Toxic Pet

Although you wouldn’t think it possible when you look at him, this dog is capable of emitting highly toxic gases. He weighs about 9 pounds and is capable of clearing a room of adults. We have tried giving him different foods, tying christmas tree car air fresheners to his tail and actually contemplated a discretely applied cork. Any suggestions? :wink:


He probably sneaks out to White Castle when you’re not looking.

Or try something along the homeopathics lines, I think by the village or up on 25 there is a store.


Bill, I feel for you man…:slight_smile: My Akita was just as bad. My vet told me to feed him ProPlan dog food. It would pretty much stop the gas and slow down how much he Deposited on the other end. This was the best move that I have made. Hardly any gas at all,and when he does it does not stink no where as bad. He also makes deposits 2 time a day instead of 4-5 times a day. So go check it out. :smiley:

Cheap dog food is usually the culprit as Mark said. There are several high end brands that have little waste and the dogs body makes use of most of it because it isn’t left over filth.
Your dog will feel better and be happier too.

Awww…much better WF…such a cutie.


I’ll try ProPlan. He seems to be able eliminate his body weight every day. He’s a great dog, but man - I can’t wait for the warm weather so we can open the windows!

Is that a puggle? If so, you may as well get use to it. . .


It is a puggle. Do you have one?

I know people who do. We’ve got a pug and she’s pretty much the same. . .

Try Science Diet. It made quite a difference.

Bill how low can you can go. Come on be a man admit it it’s really you!! We all know the blame the dog scam

Jeff- Thanks - I’ll try it.

Carl- If it was me, I’d be proud. It’s an awesome power that he wields.

You can try Beano. It helps and according to a naturopath I see is not harmful to dogs.

Good luck,


You’re sweet. :slight_smile:

Yeah! Blame it on the dog!

I have an English Bulldog and they are toxic too. One of their many traits :shock:

Bill, better take that cork out! I can see the headlines now: Sh!t Storm Hits New York, Cork kills Three.


How do you say “Pull my finger” in dog language?

Think yourself lucky Bill, I have to put with my dog Oakley he is a 2 year old Rottweiler he weighs 120lbs When he lets one go LOOK OUT #-o

My kitty does that–she’s just about a year old now, and weighs about
ten pounds–but she can out-fart any dog, including that Rottweiler–

her logs in the kitty box are 3/4 of an inch in diameter and 4-6 inches
long. SHE STINKS!!!

Then she curls up next to me and puuuuurrrrrrrrrrrrs–

Hmmmm Jae thats a little to information thanks:vomit:

HE HE HE , sorry,:twisted: Welcome to the wonderful world of pugs we are owned by three of them , try feeding him only dry dog food .
We use Iams here and that seems to help

More pug pics here