How many defects/concerns can you find?

Have fun guys! :slight_smile:

Hang on. Pic is too big.:roll:


Now it’s pretty small. Sorry but I don’t have the patience to mess with it right now. Maybe later. shrug

The ol’roy dog food has rat poison take it back for a refund???:slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Drain trap, what drain trap?
How 'bout that disposal wiring?

Oh, and am I wrong in thinking the slope of the pipe is off?

No GFCI’s either.

every single one of these in the house was like this.



I see improper sealed p-trap as well as garbage disposal supply wire not BX ARMORED,improper drain 1/4inch slope.

Also it appears to have an receptacle without cover,I bet this drains very slow as well.

The owner should be chastised for the cheap dog food, Wendy. Be sure and put that in there. Here’s a comment for you:

“The so-called high protein content of Ol’ Roy dog food has a high percentage of ground chicken feathers, which technically is protein, but which is largely indigestible by the unfortunate pet involved. Continued feeding of subject dog exclusively on a diet of Ol’ Roy will result in negative behaviors, such as trying to eat the family cat, whining and/or begging at the dinner table, or raiding the garbage in a desparate attempt to glean morsels of real protein. I recommend the owner be severely chastised, and instructed to feed the poor creature Iams, Science Diet, or some other brand of real dog food recognized as nutritionally correct by a qualified veteranarian.”