Bye Bye Pumpkin

:shock:Bye Bye Pumpkin you now live OUTSIDE. Thanks ADT your cameras rock :slight_smile: It was the 1 out of 3 I did NOT SUSPECT. Solved that problem :slight_smile:

Cat has been pissing in sink we have not been using and stove when no one was around. ADT to the rescue. I love my motion activated camera :):D:cool:

11 aa cap.JPG

Lol… Make sure you wash that fork:D

Shoot I have thrown away anything in the sink that ever came in contact with cat piss. That sink is currently not being used as we are in the middle of a slow slow remodel and we use the laundry room sink for now. Pissing in the stove top is what really frost my a s s and was a real b i t c h to clean but coil covers stopped that. No worries my problem is solved and that cats is just starting. Tough luck to wife and daughter who feel sorry for it. I do not feel sorry for anything that has NO RESPECT for my home.

:shock:I have cameras at the office. You wouldn’t believe the stuff I see going on in the parking garage.:roll:

I heard Cats make good mittens

Mittens is a cat. :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe if you cleaned the litter box more often it wouldn’t need to relief itself in a sink…

Too bad it wasn’t in the toilet…

This is what we use so the box it self is always and I do mean ALWAYS clean PLUS the wife had just emptied the holding bin.

I highly recommend it as it is the best on the market and the folks that own the company really provide GREAT customer service and stand behind their products. I would NOT own a cat let alone 3 without one.

I hate stink of any kind and never have it in my home. My animals get nothing but the best care and attention and I have a pile of them from most types available. Cat is either a Dick or has a urinary tract problem and seeing it is the one that I did not suspect I think She is just a dick. Maybe after a couple of weeks outside she will learn some respect. If NOT she will not be welcome in my home

Cameras are expensive.

Why didn’t you just put a motion activator on the garbage disposal switch?

Or this…

I didn’t want to piss on the floor…Thats a good cat!I’ve seen them straddle a toilet!

That thing looks like a space ship. Maybe the cat was just worried it was going to blast off with her in it!

Cat thoughts…


Funny but the cat has used it thousands of times :slight_smile: Pretty old cat 6+ I would guess.


That’s why I’m a dog guy.

My dog loves, respects and fears me. She stopped pissin on the floor a few months after we got her. Three years later and she’s a great friend. I’ve never seen a cat love their owner the way a dog does.

Ditto. The most loveable black lab in the world-unless-

Thinking about breaking in to my house? You’d stand a better chance if I were home, I could shoot at you and miss.

The lab doesn’t miss…

:slight_smile: I like all creatures and have and had too many different kinds to list. But the ones that pee in the house live outside :slight_smile: