TPR Drain

I’ve never seen a set up like this and wondered if it’s OK. There’s no floor drain so they improvised.



If the end of the discharge pipe was open, and draining into a tub sink or something of that nature, I wouldn’t make much about it. However since you can’t see the discharge end, then the answer is no. (If it were leaking, how would anyone know? Not safe…)

PS. There may be other reasons too, but this one is enough for me to comment on it.

Thanks Mark, that’s a good point. No way of really knowing if the end is in the sealant or the drain. :wink:


That also looks like 1/2" Aluminum.
Should be 3/4 all the way to an observable open end as Mark said.

Right-o…the size of the drain can’t be reduced along the way.

Yep, No reductions allowed. Just drain it to the floor with 3/4. Saftey item, but easily fixed.

sometimes I think You should be able to add style points though for working so hard at making it so wrong !!!..jim

James I agree. We should hold up signs, such as I give this one a
No unnecessary bends. Should go straight to the floor in 3/4".