TPR Valve Discharge Pipe missing Florida 4-point

I inspected a home yesterday that had a new water heater in a hall closet. The heater was missing the discharge pipe, am I expected to make note of this on a 4-point report?

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I do not know about 4 point inspections, but I report missing safety anything. Question I would ask is, why not?
It is critical that discharge pipes meet the following requirements.
TPR Valves and Discharge Piping
by Nick Gromicko, CMI® and Kenton Shepard

The form asks if there is a TPRV present, yes there is.
I go past that fact & report no connected drain line.


^^^ That…

I do, depending on location.
When thinking of 4 points, the carrier wants to know of anything that may result in a claim. I had one last week where the discharge was right next to the washing machine. If that were to open, it could scald whoever may be standing there. (Could result in lawsuit)

Good post. As yourself, I report absence or presence of, safety pan, and whether the safety pan is plumbed to a floor drain receptor.

True, thanks for your imput.

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What do you say about TPR valve pipes that have 90 installed directly after TPR valve. To me seems to be an obstruction.

Charlene, I would have to wrangle the information when I return to my office or post the question here. I think a tundish is required in that case. From memory I am at a loss. Only 3 elbow rule from what I recall.
Relief Valve Discharge Tube Codes & Hazards

Where is that on the 4 point form?
They ask if the valve is installed, not how many elbows are on the pipe, etc. etc…


Hi Charlene. I do not know where you are located. I am GA and we use IPC 2018 plumbing code which I use as a reference or guideline. However, regardless of code I inspect for safety issues. For me personally, I would not consider a 90 bend a problem.

there are 90s all the time on water heaters. Many water heaters have the TPR on the top of the tank, so it has to 90 down to the ground.

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I report missing TPRV discharge pipes. But on a 4-Point report, not always. It depends on where it’s located and will it potentially burn someone.

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