Tpr Valve

question, can the tpr valve on a gas water heater extend outdoors within 6 to 24 inches from ground? i just bought a home and they have it piped from the second story where the water heater is at, to the ground. it does not 90 down to the drip pan. the way they have it is it 90 down for 6 inches then they have an L fitting to go out twards the exterior. if you can picture what i am saying. JASON

Jursdictions vary on where the drain termination ends up but it needs to go to an indirect drain receptor (with air gap), to the exterior of the home within 6-12" of the finish grade, or to within 6-12" of the floor (like in a basement). It needs to be located in a place that can be monitored for leaks and won’t cause other problems—like leaking onto a sidewalk where it can freeze. It needs to aim at the ground to prevent scalding spray hitting anyone. Some jurisdictions allow the pipe to terminate at the tray (IRC). UPC areas do not. There are lots of other considerations but this deals with the questions you asked----I think:D

Thank you for that reply.:smiley: