water heater

here you’ll notice theTandP valve drain is to short

I do not agree it sends the hot water down so a person does not get it in the face.

It should be around 8" from the structure floor, but if that is all you found with it I wouldn’t comment on it.

Maybe I am just not looking at the pic close enough, but I don’t notice a drain or a catch pan. If the T&P were to go off, where would the water go but onto the floor?

Most codes state the TPR drain pipe “shouldn’t terminate more than 6 inches above the floor or waste receptor” so make the call based on what you observed.


It maybe in the garage.
Here is what I tell them. I know it isn’t 100% on the dot, but it gets the point across…
“According to present day requirements, water heaters should have a pressure relief valve and drain line which flows by gravity to the exterior, or downward to within 6 inches of the structure floor. The size of the drain line should match the outlet size of the relief valve, and an auxiliary pan with a 1” drain line, which drains to the exterior is required underneath when the unit is installed at or above the level of the living area. "