Training question

Has anyone here taken this course?

If so was it worth the Money ?

Thank you in advace for any input

Looks pricey for a Level I training track. You could probably get the same or equal information for basically an introductory course right here on Nachi. I believe John McKenna has a program for around $500 that will teach you the basics and beyond. Worth looking into B4 dropping nearly 2 grand on a program. I think one of the big manufacture guys (Fluke or FLIR) also has an intro class that is free or near free if you buy their equipment.

Doug–thanks for your input. Yes agreed it looks a bit pricey but since I do expert witness work in construction litigation cases I have the need for some accreditaion of sorts. Not to discredit any other classes here or anywhere else but this certification does appear to have that.

ps – I already own a camera

Fred, I just took this course in December. Fortunately I live close enough to Flirs headquarters so i was able to take it directly at ITC.

Wise investment, you won’t be disappointed.

You are welcome. Unless you plan on going on for further training, I am not sure if Level I thermographer is going to give you the clout you need to convince the courts you are an “expert” witness. My experience has been when you get to the stage of going to court it becomes; “My expert is bigger, smarter, more handsome than your expert” kind of thing. But it sounds like you are on the right track. Hope you make tons of money doing it. Go for it!

I took it 3 years ago, its really a good course, very in depth.

Thanks Doug, Yes your right that is always that is always the case in litigation cases isn’t it ! I always get thrown against a PE who is normally very efficient at calculations but has no field experience :p. My thought pattern was to go further and go to the Level III and the Building Science course eventually.

I appreciate everyone input thank you

Fred, I took the building science course with Scott Wood as the instructor and then the level I. Both very good courses.
If you can get Scott as an instructor you won’t be sorry. He probable has more field experience then most instructors out there.

ITC is a really good class, I took the course years ago with Paul Frisk. He is an incredable trainer. If your looking to make a career in Thermal then I would suggest this track or infraspection, or snell group.
Any of these are certified ASNT course outlines which you must have to proceed to level two and three.
remember you get what you pay for higher course equqll higher education in this case for sure.

Fred: You can take it in Nashville, Tn.

Oh yea, lets compare John’s course with with an ITC trainer…

Peter: Scott does building science. I don’t think he does Level I yet. He is Level II (till April 9th).
Looks like Scott won’t be doing Building Science after April. You know Level III’s can’t do houses…

ITC Level 1 is a good class. I think its worthwhile. You should get a lot out of it. I don’t think it will prepare you to give expert testimony, but it will set you on the course to get there. There are level IIIs out there with 20+ years of thermography.

Hi Dave, I wrote that all wrong, didn’t mean to imply that Scott taught both courses, just that I took his course first then went on to level I staying with ITC.


Thank you all so much for your input, very helpful in making my decision. I am new to InterNACHI but not to inspecting and this is one of things I love the most about belonging to an association like this, thanks again.

Happy and safe inspecting!

Has anyone taken the Snell course?

Rick Senior
bts Property inspections

You just missed the best deal there is for level 1 training. You get free level 1 training when you attend the Infraspection convention in January.

I have been conversing with Snell and Infraspections.

Both have been excellant with phone and email responses.

I have a lot to read and then make some educated decisions.

I can not see how someone can buy a camera and not have the proper training and understanding. There is a lot to know.

Keep us all posted on which way you decide to go. I have not researched Snell at all but I will look into. Thanks for your input :slight_smile:

Actually I am using both for my training. Was sent information from both companies.

There is no way to be over trained with IR and Buiding Science.

For all that have passed Level 1, 2 and 3 certifications, congrats!!

I know, I was there! :wink: