Trane Age


S# R384N902G

and another

S# R353SYF1G

According to this… they are 2000.
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The ANSI date on the tag is 1993 (Z21.47) and therin lies my confusion.



Could the **R **be a K making it 1995.


Certainly looks more 2000 than 93-95

Two questions: What’s the model number? and Is it a high efficiency unit?

Cat I


looks like 02 to me Rick.

How about this package unit??? It’s a goettl

14409 N Yerba Buena Way 9-30-09 029.JPG

14409 N Yerba Buena Way 9-30-09 028.JPG

14409 N Yerba Buena Way 9-30-09 027.JPG

You messin with me BK? '02?

Per the Trane chart “R” is 2000.

I only asked because the ANSI date is 7 years earlier - thought they were generally within 2-3 years.

It looks to be 2000 and that’s what I would report. Usually the ANSI date is within 2-3 years of the manufacture date, but it’s not unheard of to be up to nine years later, which is the widest spread that I’ve found.

There are at least two reasons that I’m familiar with why the manufacture date and the ANSI date have a wide spread:

  1. The unit was actually manufactured by a smaller subcontractor working under an older ANSI set. This often happens when the big boy has a plant shut down due to maintenance, disaster, or labor conflict.
  2. The unit was manufactured under an older ANSI set because the new set would have required a complete redesign of the model, something they were not prepared to do at that time.

Use the ANSI date if you don’t have the date of manufacture, but you do here, which is 2000. If I don’t have the manufacture date, I state the date of manufacture as “ca. ANSI date.”

Thanks RR.

Rick…you’re stumbling on 2 furnaces? It’s a good thing there wasn’t a 3rd one to mess you up!


Yeah, good thing. :mrgreen:

With my luck, It’d probably be up in the attic or something. :slight_smile: