Transfer switch

Mark Ode can do that too ya. An incredibly talented man. I get the pleasure of sitting on code panelist events with him from time to time…Super Guy!

Paul. Do you know anyone who knows the NEC any better than this man?
Should you get a chance to talk with him anytime soon please tell him that Mike and Kathy said hello.

I do not…however Jeff Sargent knows dang near as much. I will pass your thoughts to him at our next gathering. Mark is a national treasure to our industry along with Jeff Sargent.

I know Jeff also but not like I do Mark. At every meeting that the wife and I attended Mark and Liz would always come and give the wife a big hug, it never failed.

At the Southern Sectional in Tenn. I will never forget what Mark had to say as I approached the microphone to question his statements concerning UL White Book FTCN. He said, “Here come trouble, excuse me I mean Mike Whitt.” Just what was he saying?

You know what he was saying…your trouble with a capital T…lol…but your a good trouble.

Wrong, wrong, wrong, and extremely dangerous.:twisted:


Was able to be with Mark today and gave him your best regards.

Thank you, Mark is my buddy. I was present when he got his Road Runner pin and it was a blessing to see it presented to him. He has also held classes at my school RCC for the one day work shops that the NC IAEI puts on.


I need to come to some of those workshops in NC. See if Ron Chilton needs someone to present a Grounding and Bonding class or maybe a class in OCPD’s and i will come do it as a thank you to a wonderful chapter.