Generator panels

Is inspecting generator panels part of the SOP?

Besides the panel not being labeled what are some of the issues with a panel installed like the one in the picture.


Now I know a lot of you guys are very sharp and will note the low voltage transformer, sloppy wiring and ground & nuertals connected at the same lug in the main panel, but that is not the question.


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IMO you should treat it like any other panel install.


II. The inspector is not required to:

M. Inspect private or emergency electrical supply sources, including but not limited to generators, windmills, photovoltaic solar collectors, or battery or electrical storage facility.

But I go beyond the SOP and pull all electrical covers. There are surprises in more than half the panels I inspect.

I humbly believe the panel ISN’T an emergency electrical supply source. It is a load center/panel and disconnect. Treat as such.


Found link:

Curious, makes me wonder if a ‘plug’ was used, and now inaccessible.

Looks to me that when panel cover is off both utility co. and generator Maine breakers can both be in closed position. That would be a bad thing to happen. Someone could get hurt real bad. Bad design would not have it in my house.

NEC-700.6a Transfer equipment including automatic transfer switches, shall be automatic, identified for emergency use,and approved by the authority having jurisdiction. Transfer equipment shall be designed and installed to prevent the inadvertent interconnection of normal and emergency sources of supply in any operation of the transfer equipment.

For my own (Generator) system, the Main Panel is the Main Panel.

The Auto Transfer switch determines where the source of power is coming from.

                                                                                    This one is not auto transfer. It is a manual transfer when panel cover is on "look at pics." the Little mettle bar on panel cover lets one breaker on but keeps the other off ,but if the panel cover is off. You can turn both on. In a power outage if the panel cover was off and some one turned on the other breaker the generator could send up line through transformers up to 15,000 volts to the power co. And could kill the man working on the line.

First thing to watch for: some of the Asian manufactured panel are labeled (the “Emer/Gen” brand, for one, at least circa 1999) are labeled as “meeting UL requirements” but have not been submitted to UL for certification, and are not UL listed.

this generator most likely falls under Art 702

I don’t think there is any problem with listed breaker interlock systems nor does U/L and the panel manufacturers who sell them.

Once Harry Homeowner takes the cover off all safety went with it anyway.

He could just as easy bridge generator power to the utility with his screwdriver.
In real life the overload on the generator would trip as soon as it was presented with “the grid” unless we are talking about a serious pad mount generator. What do you figure inrush is on a 167KVA pole pig and all the locked rotor equipment in the typical 3-5 houses on the secondary? I doubt the medium voltage side would bump. If it did it would hit the grounding strap linemen are trained to use before they touch anything.

I really think this “kill the lineman” stuff is BS.

You might be able to kill your neighbor though if the secondary is broken before you get to “the grid” and he is poking around where he has no business.