Trap needed for free-standing bathtub?

I’m overwhelmed with work to do, so, for a change, I need some help.

Does this free-standing bathtub need a trap on the drain?

[Here’s the picture.]( drain.jpg)

The trap keeps the house from becoming stinky.

did you check under the tub, photo maybe, and see if there was some integrated trap?



I just re-did my tub and put a trap on it — stopped some bad gas

I put the trap in the craw space – In your case if the tub is on a slab the trap might be hard to find

Sort of need more information


Is their a trap under the floor? That is where it would be normaly.

Yes it needs a trap. Was there a crawl space or basement below…sometimes they incorporate the trap beneath the floor?

Straight to the point.

Ditto. . .


You know all waste piping needs a trap of some sort…

What did you find on the underside?

Yes, I do:

House had a nice foundation, about five feet clearance at the rear and three feet at the front. The crawl space soil was wet everywhere, so I was probably paying more attention to all the electric wires on the wet soil than I was the plumbing under the house. Fortunately, I take a gazillionbazillion pictures, which showed that there were no traps under the house either. So I had no traps at the kitchen sink and the two bathrooms.

As usual, this was one of those houses where the proud seller met me at the street curb, “I’ve been here six years and done most of the work myself.” Red flag. :shock:

That’s one of those that can always be prefaced with; You know you’re in for a long inspection when…

Traps for a claw foot tub are usually located under the floor and if an older tub are often drum traps.