trap size comment

Im looking for a statement for when kitchen sink traps and even tail piece have those narrow under sized crappy plastic traps. ‘Size Matters’ didnt go over well in my last report 😜
In bathrooms these traps are ok but I hate them in kitchens.

By narrow do you mean 1 1/4"?

Yes. Usually see 2 inch pvc traps now a days

I know here in Winnipeg plumbing permits allow for 1 1/4 for bathroom sinks. But virtually that is all that would be allowed. Everything else is minimum 1 1/2 and there is a distance limit of a maximum of 5 feet from the stack when using 1 1/4. My preference when doing any contract work was to install a minimum of 1 1/2 explaining to the customer that while slightly cheaper to go with 1 1/4 they were going to eat any saving in labour and potential clogs. Got them to increase every time.

We aren’t codies, I know, but it helps to know sometimes. IRC P2711.3

You might not be a ‘codie’ but most of what you call a deficiency is based on the code