Interesting Trap

This guy was inventive.P Drain.JPG

truly a piece of art…

That is what is called a 8 trap, Are you sure he was not making moonshine

Gee. I’m still trying to figure out how they did that and have it look so neat; also trying to name it… 8 Trap sounds ok, but maybe something more technical like an Inverted SPS8 Trap or something like that?

Sps8 trap is good Maybe we can forward:eek: it to joe the plumber

Symmetry aside, it’s an S-trap. Write it up.

I was always told that if there are 4 or more inches between the discharge side of the trap and the drain line that it is no longer an “S” trap and subject to the self siphoning problem. I remember a thread on this not to long ago where something similar was discussed. I don’t have a current plumbing code book handy to look it up. Maybe someone can find the acutal measurement requirements.

Well i would not think it could siphon , but i would write up as sub standard plumping practice But great art work

S traps often do function but they are not permitted by code because of the potential for siphoning and loosing the trap seal.

I see no evidence from the posted photo that the fixture is properly vented.

I see plenty of S traps that have been that way for 50 years.

I simply make the client aware of the possible problem and that they were common at one time.

They can decide if they want it fixed.

I have been this way for 53 Years I still work.
Well maybe not like I Used too but But with a little sweet talk i get there lol

I give it an 8 on the creativity scale and a 10 for neatness. But it still is not done in a professional manner. The supplies have been leaking long enough to rust and Michael’s right about no evidence of a vent, unless it is vented off the branch within 3’ of the fixture.