TREC and NM Licensing

(Chris Juarez, TREC #22663 Nachi #17050428) #1

New Mexico is going to require licensing of home inspectors in 2020. I am TREC licensed and also perform inspections in NM. Will I need a separate NM license and redundant finger printing / background check if I already do it in TX? Any input in this issue is appreciated. Thx Chris J TREC #22663

(Nolan Kienitz) #2

That question is best answered by the State of New Mexico and their licensing agency. Not sure how you would expect other Texas inspectors to know the details of the upcoming NM requirements and any reciprocity agreement.

It is possible that they could work, but you need to contact the State of NM.

(Emmanuel J. Scanlan, TREC# 7593) #3

What’s wrong with you Nolan, you should know the answer to that! :wink::wink:

(Chris Juarez, TREC #22663 Nachi #17050428) #4

Thanks for the input. There was a quarterly InterNACHI NM chapter meeting in Las Cruces and they addressed my concerns.

(Emmanuel J. Scanlan, TREC# 7593) #5

Hey Chris,

Did Texas get rid of the Mold Assessment Technician and/or the Mold Assessment Consult licenses? I see you advertise mold testing but TDLR does not list any license for you?

(Nolan Kienitz) #6

That is great, but can you then provide their answers to your concerns so others can learn?

Also … was your post before or after that Las Cruces meeting? Timing just seems weird if you had the answers before the post … or maybe not? You just made the OP 23-hours ago??

Just curious.

(Chris Juarez, TREC #22663 Nachi #17050428) #7

Hi Emmanuel,
Licensing is required in Texas. You must pass the exam and provide 1mil liability policy. I only do mold testing in New Mexico and I stress it on my website. I use a third party licensed company for TX. FYI-There are hefty fines if you do it in TX without a license. I had contemplated getting the license but there is not much demand here for it.

(Chris Juarez, TREC #22663 Nachi #17050428) #8

Hi Nolan,
Post was before the meeting. No NM inspector committee formed yet. It will consist of 5 members.
Act is effective 01/01/2020. Similar requirements as TX. License renewal every 3 yrs fee 1000.00.
E&O 250k. Since there is no committee yet that is all the info we were given.

(Emmanuel J. Scanlan, TREC# 7593) #9

I had heard talk at one point that Texas might get rid of the Mold Assessment Technician license and loosen up on basic testing. In other words anyone would be able to test and provide a report but only the MAC would be able to advise. That would have opened up additional revenue sources without the need for ridiculous licensing just to swab/sample and provide a report.

(Chris Juarez, TREC #22663 Nachi #17050428) #10

Would be nice but I found out that there are no plans to eliminate the MAT license requirement from a friend who is taking the MAT exam next month before June when they make the exam more comprehensive and harder to pass.