tree roots can certainly cause foundation damage, cracks etc

How about this tree?

1:20 Cast iron pipe under slab

And some homeowners may get water accumulating under slab due to this

Need to correctly determine the actual problem(s), NOT just go to peoples homes who have a leaky basement and tell them all they need an interior bubblehead system, nope!

I’ve had to replace two basement walls in the 21 years I’ve been in business due to tree root/stumps pushing up against the foundation walls. I call this more of a lack of maintenance by a homeowner than anything. Large trees should never be allowed to grow near a foundation of anything. The trees that caused these problems were close to 3 feet in diameter and right up against the foundation. They made for hard digging. Fortunately, bough times I was able to use a mini excavator to dig. Still wasn’t much fun but I didn’t have to worry about the ground caving in as the roots held everything tight.