Tree Roots

Can cause serious damage over time…



Ficus or liquid amber?

Not sure. The leaves looked like that of a rubber tree, but I don’t know much about tree types…

yeah, rubber trees also have killer root systems. Up here in the Pac NW, it is cottonwoods. massive surface roots. When you cut one of those big boys down you have as much water as chips coming out of the chainsaw.

Looks like a Sub-Termite Feeder Tube to me, did you “Poke It”…?—:stuck_out_tongue:

That would be some BIG termites :smiley:

Termites are not tolerable for us. They harm our many things. Such as garder, trees, yards etc. So you should kill them for saving you.
If you want to know more about termites, click here

Yep, roots can cause damage and can certainly cause crack(s) in basement walls which THEN allows water to begin to enter basement(s) and ummm…NO INTERIOR,inside drain tile or interior pressure relief bllllshtt systems REMOVE these roots(cause of some cracks,leaks) and don’t repair ANY exterior cracks in block,brick walls like DIS…

When i say inside system companies salespeople etc are friggin incompetent,i mean it. Got MILK? Well…do ya? Bye bye :mrgreen:


What do you mean, I love the inferior basement systems. They never address the problems like roof drainage, grading, exterior waterproofing. Then the installers have no clue about a dedicated circuit for pump and what is a back up?

Trees near houses get in my reports due to the potential of tree root infiltration to below ground drainage.

Right on Mr Macy :wink:
lolol the installers,the salesdorks of inside system bullshtt.

Great King Rat/Queen

…'Now listen all you people,put out the good and KEEP the BAD(hire inside system azwipes),don’t believe all you read in the bible…
Sure,the great Lord before he died,knelt sinners by his side :mrgreen:
…No i’m not gonna tell you what you already know 'Cause time n time again The OLD MAN said it all a long time ago(got milk?)