--Can tree roots crack a basement wall? "Most definitely"

Questions & Answers …scroll down a tad, by John Mann PE

-Can tree roots crack a basement wall?

Most definitely, tree roots can and do crack foundation walls around basements…

3rd paragraph in-part, ‘I have seen extensive damage to a foundation wall caused by a root from a tree that was 40 feet from the wall. We did NOT believe this could be true UNTIL we excavated…’

Well there ya go, have heard too many times over the years from some SE or HI 'n others tree roots don’t crack walls and i post photos, videos clearly frigging showing roots caused cracks, damage, helped bow in walls, caused leaky basements etc.

POINT, until or unless some actually DIG, then they aren’t going to know, see the possibilities, just like this engineer, i’m just saying.

tree root against block basement wall, see crack

root removed

and around the corner on side wall

This basement leaked aka seeped where bottom of the block wall meets the stOOpid floor.
No interior basement drainage system moron removes these causes nor do the lil wimps seal/waterproof the exterior cracks and stop further water intrusion.

Roots from some BUSHES can cause cracks or cause the parging on exterior of block and brick basement walls to crack and when that happens the basement can leak and efflorescence often occurs

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3 videos same house,leaky basement in Grosse Pointe Park, BRICK basement walls, efflorescence

inside basement

some morons actually tell homeowners will these existing problems, defects AND need for exterior waterproofing to instead,add soil and raise and slop the grade or install a moronic exterior or interior french drain or slap on Drylok paint and other incompetent nonsense

outside view back corner, some FRUITS against wall

so install an interior drainage system and 52 sump pumps instead of ext waterproofing that’ll cost MORE money? lolollll The wall, parging, cracks would get worse! And the INT system is NOT stopping water from going T H R O U G H the wall!!! smgdh

around back corner onto side wall

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I think this one is from the bricks expanding and wanting to slide and the concrete doesn’t want to side. Hence the chip off the ol’ corner…JMHO.


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the root was right against the wall, the crack… when we swing an ax and then pull out the rootie, ‘other’ thinhs occur like chipping along a crack and between pic 2 and pic 3, i was using a brick hammer at the edge of wall where block was loose and it just fell off

tree roots cause some cracks in basement walls, i know some can’t imagine that lol

this guy thinks he has all the answers lol

1:00 he says, ‘The problem w/contractors is they rely on their visual inspection… visual inspections do NOT work 75% - 80% of the time’

Gee, home inspectors use, umm, visual inspections don’t they? lol

hmmm, well for some reason my visual inspection works 99.9% of the time for 44 years! gee

let’s see, my visual inspection sees a crack corner block wall and no other ways/openings where water could get in and no interior plumbing leak possibilities and so, we dig and waterproof the stOOPid crack and 2,3,4 decades go by with no further leak… how did that happen Gus?

J Mack from Ohio, how r you doing youngster?

I am ding well Sir, how are You and yours ?

good to hear James, you missing inspecting?

I am not completely retired , just slowed down a bit partner…doing enough to keep from being bored.

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