Trimmed SEC

Hey Guys-

I found this on a 1995 home. The SEC was trimmed because it wouldn’t fit in the lug. The label on the breaker states “…torque to 180 LB in 2/0 AWG…” I know the conductor going into the house was a 4/0 AWG from the jacket on the interior. But I don’t see on the conductor from the meter a label listing it’s size even though the info on the conductor is quite clear…unless I’m missing something. Anyway, in order to get it to fit, it looks like they trimmed off the outside section of strands. I was going to write it up but wasn’t for sure how big of deal to make about it. Is this something I should recommend for an electrician to come repair?


Yes not allowed .

The line side conductors are 350 kcmil. Their marking is visible in photo#3. Yes this is a violation. It could be fixed with a pin adapter product like this:

350 Kcmil are rated for 300 amps on a feeder. The problem is computing how much of the conductor is left after trimming and the resulting ampacity. RM posted a good solution that would not involve needing new conductors.

Well…that would be ok but as for needing new conductors…but this conductor I would say the adapter is pointless at this point. The conductor has been altered and so I would make them replace it if I was the municipal inspector inspecting this.

As an HI…let them know about it in your report and let them decide.

Paul, the problem is with the termination not the conductor. Are you saying that you would make someone install new conductors as opposed to properly terminating the existing ones?

The end of the conductor has been altered, not the whole conductor. I fail to see how cutting off 3/4" of the reduced conductor and adding a pin adapter to the full cross sectional area would not be compliant. How would this be any different than pulling new over-sized conductors and adding a pin adapter?

Sorry Paul, not with you on this one.

I said I would make them REDO it…if they can cut it off where they attemtped to alter the conductor and then strip it back and install the adapter then fine…thats for them to decide…as a municpal I FAIL them until they meet the intent of the conductor, without altering it and then installing the adapter…

Replace…as in REDO…attempt this again…cut away the damage…start over…do a proper termination…how they achieve it is not my concern.

Because the contractor has no authority to alter the conductor. he is not a manufacturer, he cant account for the circular mil it is now and I am not assuming anything…so the question is you would condone them having a larger conductor than needed and trimming away a few strands?

I dont get paid to RECONFIGURE the circular mils of a conductor that was altered. Not my fault they ran the wrong size conductors so they can cut it back…start fresh, install the adapter that is proper or change the lug to fit that size conductor and be compliant…there choice.

I will never attempt to give someone a GREEN light to alter a conductor and have it hold up in court on what the Circular Mils are now…not my job and not my engineering going into the job.

You can allow it any way you wish…where I am the municipal inspector it aint gonna happen…;)…call me what you will…:wink:

Just my opinions…ok not to agree with me…many dont !

Nice catch Kenny!
How many get picky by calling out damaged insulation when the contractor got carried away removing the outer jacket? :slight_smile:


Paul, I think that you need to re-read Jim’s post. He’s not saying what you think he’s saying.

Thanks Robert. I was not in any way condoning or approving the modified circular mils of the conductor. I was saying cut the reduced end off and start anew with the full sized conductor and add the pin reducer.