Wiring too big for lug?

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Now I can't see the picture too well because it is blurry....might be on my end...However, it looks like the person actually CUT some of the stranded conductors in the wire to make it fit......this actually reduces the capacity of that wire.....and not to mention is seen ALL the time...

But to keep it simple...here is the NEC I would cite...and if you are not comfortable citing the NEC....I will word it for you as well..

NEC Art 110.14(A) -

Terminals. Connection of conductors to terminal parts shall ensure a thoroughly good connection without damageing the conductors and sjall be made by means of pressure connectors, ( including set-screw type ), solder lugs, or splices to flexible leads.

Laymans Definition- The cable to the SPA breaker within the main panel enclosure has been altered to allow it to fit into the overcurrent protection device. The cable must fit into this breaker without risk of damage to the actual cable and must ensure a thouroughly good connection which is not the case in this connection.

Recommendation- Have this redone by a licensed electrician to meet the current safety guidelines.

AS an Electrician...how would I fix this............Well provided the breaker is sized right which I doubt it because if it were a 60A breaker the wire would fit in fine......But lets say it would not fit......one method would be to use a approved split bolt ( which allows dis-simular metals ) and change over from AL to CU via the approved bolt and then take the new CU wire to the panel...( of equal capacity CU )

Thats just one way......but honestly I would not get into telling them HOW to fix it......just refer it to an electrician.

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I can’t see the pic very well but is that double tapped and a white wire connected to a hot leg?


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It is certainly a code problem but if the wire won’t fit in the lug of the breaker the wire is really larger than it needs to be so the safety problem is questionable. What was the wire and breaker sizes?

It sounds like a case of using what he had and not what he needed.