Trip hazard?

From bedroom and kitchen to an enclosed 4-season sunroom.

Ahhhhhh…nit picker.
You could always mention it to the client ( i would) but not some kind of deal killer I would sweat about.
Obviously a extra step in front would be better however may depend on how they use the space .

That’s what I did, mentioned to client at inspection. Didn’t include in report.

Although, not paying attention, it would be easy to fall onto ceramic/concrete floor coming out of bedroom.

I mentioned one step that was a different height than all the rest, top one i actually stumbled and found it odd it was just more shallow than all the others by a couple inches…better safe than sorry i guess.

Exactly…a potential safety hazard.

I always call out varied riser heights in a set of stairs (by more than 3/8") and also risers that exceed 8" .

I didn’t know you ever sweated things that might kill a deal, Bob.

I always put trip hazards in the report because I’m familiar with a lawsuit here from 2002 or 2003 that cost the Seller $700,000, the Seller’s agent $550,000, the buyer’s agent $47,500, and the home inspector $33,500. Fortunately, I was not the home inspector, but the lawsuit did put the home inspector out of business because he did not have E&O insurance.

How about 11 inch front step .Each yellow tape is 4 inches .

So Roy what are you recommending as a correction 3x3 ft landing 6 inches down from the threshold.

Incorrect landing Recommend repair or replace immediately .

(" Its called KISS ")

I expect nothing will get done but I believe in CRA . Cover Roys as s

So when someone asks you how to correct it you say nothing. I am not talking what goes into the report.

I am a motor mouth and do give info at times .
I am extremely careful what I say and in this case I would say nothing ,

Now your turn what would you report and what would you say???

What I have written already is in all my reports under this circumstance and I never say it has to be changed, this is for your personal information only.

Ditto. (7& 3/4 is the IRC max riser height.)

I used to call out the 7-3/4" height and changed to 8" because NYC allowed max. 8".

Regarding riser height and
“I used to call out the 7-3/4” height and changed to 8" because NYC allowed max. 8".
Just a side note, Virginia allows heights of 8 1/4 inches.