Trolling motor

Maybe I can get some advice from the fishing guys on Internachi.

I am getting ready to put a 22’ US Yachts sailboat on my lake. 3000 lbs fully loaded. I will be sailing on my non-motorized lake of about 700 acres. I want the lightest electric trolling motor and battery as the lake is not large and its 15- 20 minutes at 5 knots from end to end if I lose the wind.

Next year I am on the Mississippi River and my boat has a 4 stroke 6 hp engine that runs well but I cant use that on my lake.

40- 55 lb thrust- 12 V deep cycle marine battery on a 36- 42" shaft should work.
Anyone on the forum moved a boat this large with a trolling motor?

I have a solar charging panel to keep the battery charged.

You won’t be able to get on plane with that. Slow going, but still should get you back to the dock. Don’t go out on calm days.:wink:

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I’ll be lucky to get a card from my kids.

I just need to get back if the wind dies down. 2 mph would be fine. When the wind goes the lake has no waves, if there’s waves there’s wind

Seems like it should work in no wind.

Paul… you should have posted this in the Arkansas section. All these Florida boys don’t know crap about lake (Bass) fishin’. Real bass boats are heavier than most think. Damned near any trolling motor (yes, more thrust the better) will get you where you need to be… as long as your battery isn’t in crap condition! Make sure you have the best/strongest/longest deep cycling Marine battery (NOT a Marine STARTING battery) money can buy. ALWAYS have it charged and tested before hitting the water if not frequently placed in service.

The trolling motor on my house boat got it around fine on a lake in no wind conditions. FWIW.
Edit… this is the boat I am referring too.
I just bought a 62lb thrust for my canoe to go backwater fishing.:wink:

Picture 017.jpg

They’ve also got agood price on this necessity.:wink:

I have the MinnKota Riptide Saltwater Series 55lb thrust 12 volt on my Carolina Skiff 16 JVX. The boat weighs @1400 lbs I believe w/ a full tank, gear/motor and two adults. It jerks that thing around like a red-headed stepchild.

If your sailboat weighs 3000lbs fully loaded, you may want to look into a 24 volt, maybe 36 volt system instead?

A 12 may work - not saying it won’t for sure but, considering the price of trolling motors today you’d hate to find out once you bought a 12 volt that it doesn’t have enough a s s to do what you need it to do.

As an example, My Brother’s 24’ Everglades center console weighs in @ 4000 lbs. and requires a 36 volt system.

Just something to take into consideration.

Good luck in your venture.

Nice… and I only live 10 minutes away. Looks like I will need to make a side-trip later today and check it out. :cool:

I just bought a quality marine battery and a solar charging panel, just don’t have a motor.

Its for a sailboat for Pleasant Lake. 22’ and about 3000 lbs loaded, that includes 2 passengers.

Something else I just thought of…how deep does the keel board run (probably the wrong terminology - not a sailboater)? That’s going to add some resistance/affect battery drain rate as well.

I was thinking same thing… may want a longer shaft.

Bob should be able to answer any questions about trolling.


Another Bob joke. Damn!!! :razz:

Its a shoal draft keel that is 2’8" deep (vs 4’ with a fin keel) and I carry 950 lbs ballast in the keel.

If Samuel gets around with a houseboat it should be fine for my sailboat.
I only need to get back to my dock and on a small lake its 15 to 20 minutes at most.

Only know about trolling from observing your posts.

When is the last time you saw your shaft in the shower?
Are you sure it is still there? Don’t hate me because I am beautiful.

He can supply all of the wind needed to move that boat across the lake without a trolling motor, just be careful not to get caught on the leeward side of him.