Truck Pics

Had these decals put on a week ago.:cool:

Looks great! What did that run you?

I like it all except the hood decal :), I don’t thing it adds anything.

Nice, I think the hood adds plenty…

It looks awesome!

Very nice.

Coming soon, more to follow:D


No canopy or tonneau cover? Where do the larger ladders or storage containers go? At this point, a tonneau cover would do you best so it doesn’t cover your back window graphics but still can be locked for storing the larger equipment. JMHO.

Yep I love to hate my topper! Great for storage, ladder rack and keeping things dry…miss the open truck bed for hauling bulk things.

Company is near InterNACHI’s headquarters and their products are made here.


Thanks for the input. I use a 24’ extention ladder and I strap it down. Hey whatever
Works. Never liked headache racks. I put the decal on the hood to show my association
With internachi which by the way I am proud to be a member of. All my advertising has Nachi
On it. No tonneau cover tho. Lots of room inside for tools etc. Had it done in
Lloydminster Alberta. Iron jet promotions did the decals. Greg Mathias recommended
This place. By the way I would like to thank Greg for taking me along in a couple of his inspections
He is a good mentor.

I think it looks fantastic. Very good example of the quality and pride an inspector should take in their trade. Thanks for another good example.