True 400 amp service?

This was a huge house today and I believe it was my first true 400 amp service.
but I wanted to get other eyes on it. In the past I’ve seen two 200 amp services but never like this. Everything else looked good in all the subpanels, etc. I wanted to make sure that the doubling up of service entrance cables into the main breaker was ok. Thanks in advanced. I appreciate it.

Yes, it is fine with regards to the termination on that specific device.



Wow, never seen that in a home. As you said I have seen 2- 200 amp services.

Excellent. Thank you very much Paul.

As Paul has stated you need to follow the listing of the terminals to see if they’re designed and listed for use with two conductors which is this case they are.

Here’s the NEC reference:

Robert is so right…while in THIS case it shows they are, sadly in many cases they assume they are and they are not. Always do as you have done and look for the information to validate it by taking a picture and sharing it with others to confirm. Friends can be LIFELINES when you lease expect it.