Truss bracing at roof hip

I have a question. After searching the archives,

This home is truss roof construction, two story, 2 years old - in the attic at the hip ridge, one of the 2x4 ‘short member lateral restraints’ (?? :smiley: ) was short, and another was sistered to it. The longer one is still too short to reach the truss, and leaves an open gap of 1/2"-3/4" with the nails showing between the two boards.

Should this be called for further nailing? remove and install longer sister board?


Truss members are typically under both tension and compression. I would would recommend further evaluation by a structural engineer.

Wow , they defently have a problem with that. as mentioned have an structrual engineer give their evaluation, that is not a good sign of contractors work.

It’s just a block providing backing for the roof sheathing at the hip, it’s not part of an actual truss. Sheathing will span that little gap no problem.
You will waste someone’s money of you recommend a SE. It’s sloppy, but it’s sloppy with a minor framing member which will have little effect on the structural integrity of the home.
If it really bothers someone, they can have a carpenter remove the lower block and replace it with one nailed effectively.
Not a big deal. I wouldn’t put it in the report.

Well said Kenyon, you get a greenie! I see this on EVERY home I inspect.

Exactly, I agree with Kenton’s assessment.

Marcel :slight_smile:

Thank you Guys !!

Neither would I…

A small issue may arise if you did put that caption on the photo…

Explaining that the ‘sloppy looking’ work is okay…:mrgreen:

I hate making excuses for some contractors, but you have to allay what may be irrational fears as a part of your job…

I agree. I have been a new home carpenter for 20+ years. Not worthy of mentioning it. Besides, it was already approved by the building inspecter as the house was constructed only 2 years ago.

Approval by C. of O. from the AHJ doesn’t mean much since they miss things all the time but you knew that from your 20+ years experience. :wink: