Your opinion on the framing

I was in an attic today and the added braces in my opinion looked like a disorganized mess to me. This is a hip frame which i know can require some additional braces but this still want great in my opinion. What are your thoughts?

Looks like temporary bracing during truss install.


These are always tough because absent some sagging or deflection it’s “performing as intended” which is the bar most SOPs give us. Of course, when you’re sitting in a courtroom, the opposing counsel will use those exact pictures to explain how incompetent your are for not writing it up. Basically, it’s the whole, “wrong but working” thing. I often tell people I can argue either side of that.

With all that said, I’d probably write it up at “unorthodox workmanship” and recommend verifying proper design and permitting. Maybe mention that no functional problems are currently visible but future performance is unknown.


I concur.
Installing sheathing requires foot holds for workers.
Trusses require temporary bracing as the roof is being erected.
Poor fastening, toe nailing, leading to spit in the lumber being secured to.

I agree that most is temporary supports, but I would take a closer look at this as it appears the truss was modified and the gusset plate is loose/damaged.


Thank you all for the replies