Truss connection

I noted that some truss connections in the attic had gaps at the connections. They were connected by toenailing. Is toenailing allowed to connect truss sections? Thanks for any input.

What type of a house is this? do you have zoomed out pictures of the attic/trusses?

I’m guessing a modular home, but will wait to hear the Gary’s response.

It’s a 2700 square foot 2 story home built in 2014. Here’s a few pictures of the attic.

I don’t see how that can be correct at all. I have a nephew that works for a builder and they just had this exact issue come up on one of their framing inspection. The fix was engineered but was pretty pretty simple - just gussets across the two pieces. Of course, getting to the junction and installing the gussets is the hardest part.

That was kinda my feeling as well. Thanks.