TSSA Issues Directors Order Adopting B149 Code Supplement

On April 16 TSSA issued a Director’s Order notifying certificate holders in the province that TSSA will be adopting the 2007 Supplement to the national Natural Gas and Propane Installation Code (CSA B149-1S1-07), effective August 1, 2007.
A major change in the codes supplement is that all plastic vent piping will have to be certified to ULC S636 “Standard for Type BH Gas Venting Systems”. According to TSSA, “this requirement has been put in place due to the investigated failures in a number of existing plastic gas vents, predominantly ABS plastic pipe and fittings. Noted failures have included stress cracking and melting. This may result in a Carbon Monoxide (CO) safety hazard in homes and may possibly cause personal injury.”
The code change affects all new natural gas and propane appliance installations and replacement installations. The code change is not retroactive so existing appliances and their plastic venting systems will not require action until replacement is required.
Accompanying the Director’s Order will be a homeowner information sheet which contractors can provide to customers to explain the requirements under the code.
HVAC contractors have raised several issues in relation to implementation of the new code requirement. One issue has been the availability of certified product. To date, only one manufacturer (Ipex) has introduced a ULCS636 compliant venting system. TSSA has stated that it will delay implementation if available supply cannot keep up with demand but at the moment there is no evidence that there will be a problem. HVAC contractors have also raised concerns about training of technicians on code compliance and the need to ensure that manufacturers’ instructions for venting are consistent with the code. A meeting with stakeholders is planned for April 24th.

Nalliah Thayabharan
Expert Building Inspections Ltd
Markham ON