Turn a $10 flashlight into a $95 flashlight in 10 minutes

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Cool is right! That Chris is smarter than a police dog…;-). I will make one just because it is cool and cheap. I have at least half a dozen flashlights of all makes including two Ultra Stingers, but this will be excellent for crawl spaces if no other reason than a back up light. Thanks Chris. there will a little something extra in your paycheck.

Cool idea but keep in mind that the KPR112is rated for 6 volts and 15 - 20 hours life.

Powering it at 9 volts will probably shorten it’s life considerably and run pretty hot.

It’s still worht having some fun with.

That arrangement results in powering the new Krypton bulb at twice the voltage (therefore twice the current) that it is designed for. This will reduce bulb life…to minutes, hours, days??? It will work but for how long?

So solder in a resister like with LED’s
I recommend not holding the casing while drilling.(vise please)

If you add resistance it will decrease current and brightness.

Besides that the bulb is only 8 ohms.

Do the math.

No reason to as I have enough to worry about.
I was doing all types of home made light creations back in the eighties.

E over I x R is your friend.Just chant with me…OOOOOhm.:slight_smile:

I’m an engineer and a tech.

You will not find a small value resistor that will fit in the case an do what you want it to. :wink:

can’t wait to try it!

Not hold the Case you want to spoil all the fun.
How about only two batteries and an a piece of Copper pipe with a cap,
6 volts bulb not as bright and normal. life

Explains lack of imagination as there are creative ways to do things Mike :slight_smile:

Go for it.

Explain to me your creative way of defying physical laws.

Here is your big chance Bob. :wink:

Bigger case, or electrical tape mike.
What thats beyond laws of physics?
Also you could focus (yuck, yuck) on frenzel lens or the reflector

You said adding a resistor would work.

Explain it if you can with detail. Use math if you have to :wink:

What started out as a $10 flashlight has now evolved into a fire-starter, emergency road side flasher and stun gun. Too complicated for me and you guys managed to suck all the joy juice out of this one. :shock::wink:

Sorry Doug.

I just get tired of bs information being posted.

This is still a good idea as long as you don’t think it will last like a real flashlight.

Do you want to rely on a flashlight that may burn out at anytime while you are in a crawl space or attic?

I am not going to sit here and explain electronics 101 for you Mike.
As an artist and sign maker I experimented with gas filled vacuum tubes,strobes,Led’s,fiber optics,UV, Luminescent powder that was actually invented for me by the same scientist that developed luminescent paint during world war two before he died,utilizing laser light in glass fiber optics by setting up micro fractures through expansion and contraction,creating 3D pseudo sculpture with mylar film reflection and a few others methods I will not go into but other than that I know nothing Mike.
Have at it.:wink:

Mike, not to worry. I was just yanking any chains available. It was mostly Tongue in cheek. This thread goes the way of so many. Someone can take an innocuous item, put into a thread and by the end of the day it has evolved into a technical disco dance of who can tell the bigger whopper, credentials get pulled out and displayed up to and including their OTR drivers graduation certificate from Rooster Fart Trucking Institute or someone will demand for proof of something that absolutely no one gives a flip about. It would funny if it weren’t so pathetic. No. wait, it is funny. It usually ends up being political or personal. There used to be an exchange of information but for a couple of years now the message board has become little more than a sandbox and someone is always pooping in the corners. I keep swearing I will put a moratorium on my own posts but get sucked in, although they are getting fewer and fewer. I will be like that mystical bird that flies into an ever decreasing circle until it flies up its own behind and disappears completely.

If it so simple explain it.

Should be simple for a smart guy like you.