CMI Marketing, Inc. We're going to efficently promote CMI Inspectors

I am Ron Huffman with Huffman Inspections, Inc. have been a home inspector for the past 21 years. I am a member of InterNACHI and ASHI. I have been teaching home inspectors, engineers, stucco applicators, architects and attorneys about exterior wall cladding for years; including information on EIFS, Stucco, manmade stone, natural stone, fiber cement board siding, etc for NACHI.TV and EDI. I am a professional engineer. Huffman Inspections has 4 full time home inspectors, three are experienced CMIs

Are you as tired as I am of “competing” with the $149.00 inspectors that have no clue; however, the REALTORS and clients think they have the same quality, expertise and reports that we as experienced inspectors provide.

Well we are forming CMI Marketing, Inc. to help promote subscribing CMI inspectors within their markets.

We are looking for 25 or more CMI’s willing to pitch in some serious money ($1K-3K each) for state and local marketing to pitch the CMI’s expertise and reasons that clients should pay more for a CMI inspector. The participants will have their names and phone numbers listed in the appropriate marketing literature.

Ron is already running a $4,600.00 full-page ad in Florida REALTOR Magazine next month. Hits 100,000 agents.

I am in, but I thought this was James B baby? What happened?

Mr. Huffman has only posted 11 times in the forum. Just wondering how INVOLVED he is with INACHI. Not degrading the guy, just first I have ever head of him.

Do we have any input? Do we decide where the money goes? How does the process work? Sounds great, just alot of unknown variables.

Call him and ask him. When he heard about the idea he wanted to do it right then and not wait. My understanding is that the ad for the Jan/Feb combined issue has to be placed by Wednesday.