Coming soon, new eBook for CMIs to use to market themselves directly to consumers.

Wait till you see this new CMI marketing tool.

Free of course.


Less than 2 weeks from now.

Each CMI will have his/her own name, company name, city, website and phone number and inspection business logo (if he/she has one) on the front cover and within the book in numerous locations.

It will almost appear to the consumer that the CMI authored the book.

The book is all done, just waiting for IT to build a system to insert the CMI’s contact information within it.

I’ll have free download buttons an icons for you to install on your website that link to the book with your contact info all through it.

Just in time. No phone calls to me in over 8 days. It died here in KC all of the sudden. Perhaps the $199 guys are digging in.

Sounds good Nick, looking forward to it.

Thanks to all you do for us, awesome organization!

Thanks Nick and InterNachi.

Way cool

This is EPIC

Thanks, Nick

Thanks Nick,
I’m looking forward to it.

Since CMI is independent and supposedly open to all home inspectors, I guess this will be going out to any NAHI and ASHI CMI’s as well?

You forgot all of Canada as well Stephen. OAHI, CAPHI, PIPHIC, ACHI, CANNACHI ect plus any Home Inspector that qualifies for CMI.

Yes, it’s for all CMIs.

Sweet :slight_smile:

Why is it the lowballers fault? You should listen to your own words.

Gary, here is your next ad copy:

“I’m a Certified Master Inspector and I charge about $150 more than every other inspector in Olathe, Kansas. Call me and I’ll explain why it is in your best interest to pay me that extra $150. The call is free. Hiring just any home inspector can be expensive… very expensive. Let’s talk first.”

I like that Nick.:cool:, now id that gets them to call and now you can’t sell them on you and your services, well time to go and reevaluate your overall marketing techniques. Of course there will always still be the guy that truly is just looking for the cheapest price no matter what., in those cases you can’t win, but I really don’t get too many of those types myself.