Twinkies Anyone?

Twinkie and Wonder Bread lovers in the U.S. can still head north of the border to stock up on the baked goods even with the bankruptcy of Hostess Brands Inc.
Saputo Inc. (SAP), Canada’s largest dairy processor, has the trademark and brand rights to Hostess CupCakes and Hostess Twinkies in the country and manufactures the products themselves, said Sandy Vassiadis, a spokeswoman for the company.

So rush and get them.


That’s great news Marcel!!!

I just wanted to make sure the Twinky lovers new where to go.

You know, the ones that gained a few pounds eating them. :mrgreen:

Yea, we rock the twinkie!!!

Only in Canada you say lolol

Canada knows how to make them I guess.

We might get an exodus to Canada from the Twinky lovers. :mrgreen::wink:

With a shelf life of 25 years! Extremely healthy for you also.


Healthy? You be the judge. ;):slight_smile:

That was a joke Marcel! My Wife is health nut. LOL

Well if it wasn’t, she weighs #200. :wink: