CanNACHI trademarked in Canada.

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Trade-mark : CanNACHI
Applicant : Allen Cavdek
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Trade-mark Application No. : 1417431
PRIORITY CLAIM : NO (no priority claim included
this application).

Direction des marques de commerce/Trade-marks Branch
Place du Portage I - C-II
50 Rue Victoria Street, Hull, Qc, K1A 0C9
Industrie Canada/Industry Canada GoC | GdC
Télécopieur/Fax: 819-953-2476 / 819-953-6742

We are in process of devoloping and achieving Canadian Registration officially to launch CanNACHI in Canada in the New Year as a Canadian Non Profit Home Inspection Organization in Canada with established Chapters in all Provinces and our Head Office being in Ontario Canada
Good News for all Canadian InterNACHI members as well as all other Canadian home inspectors
More to follow as we progress

Solid chapters in all provinces?

Thanks Nick
It will be a glorious day when we are recognized in Canada.I can’t get any inspections from the government IRP program unless I belong to a recognized Canadian Home Inspectors Association.Thankyou.

Will help if I can with the chapter in Ontario if I can.
Thanks again.:smiley:

How come the “solid chapters in all province” got removed? Did you forget there aren’t any solid chapters any where? Or was it a case of over the top marketing, again? :mrgreen:

was a typo solid wasnt a good word phrase to use,and yes CanNACHI shall have and is establishing chapters in all provinces.
CanNACHI believes that all home inspectors have the right to belong to a Home Inspection Association that is unbiased, provides free education and upgrading to members, doesnt promote favourtism, treats all inspectors equally and is accountable to all its members to provide a strong voice and recognition to the Canadian Home Inspection Industry and its affiliates.
We know for a fact that the home inspection industry in Canada is monopolized by one association and Home Inspectors deserve a choice!!

A lot is and will be happening in the next coming weeks and months and as said shall keep it posted

Thanks Allen, we all hope you can do what so many have tried before you and have failed.

Thank you RHI,we shall work very hard here in Canada with CanNACHI to achieve strong recognision and Integrity with all home inspectors and the industry.

Allen I have to give you credit, at least you are trying, and if I can offer some advice, be careful of those members who drag Nachi down while you are trying to build it.

Now, who may those non-members be…

Congratulations Nick & Allen!

Congrats Nick & Allen, looks like your getting it done! :smiley:

Marcel I will repeat what I said in english.

Members, not non members! Members making threats, using repeated foul language, ethics violations by the people who are suppose to administer the ESOP.

Thanks to Nick and Allen!
One small leap for mankind and one giant leap for
CanNACHI kind.
We are the ones to be reckoned with.


Congratulations and best of luck.
Allen, you have mail.


And Non Members don’t do what you mentioned above…:roll:

Is that a rhetorical question?

Look forward to being part of it and going strong into the new year.

Thanx Nick, Allen for all the hard work.

Steven Davies
Home Analyst Inspections