Two (2) 1028 Sun Nuclear CRM’s and Dual Carrying Case

$1550 Includes: Two 1028 Sun Nuclear continuous radon monitors in great condition. Last calibrated November 2019. Comes with pelican, hard shell, dual carrying case. Shipping within the US.

I’ve got many monitors and just don’t need these.

Sounds like a good price, Steven, especially with the last month’s calibration. But, thank God, I am retired.

Make yourself less scarce than 10 months ago though, eh? We welcome the added knowledge to our forum. :smile:

Did I post to an old post? Argh, thought I was making a new one…

No, you’re fine with your post. It is a new post.

I could see that your last post was 10 months ago. :smile:

I see…
Yes, busy 10 months.

I’m interested, please reach out to me direct: