Two different types of shingles used on roof

My home inspector found during our inspection while buying our home , that several shingles were missing and a soft area of decking needed repair. We requested a repair addendum and the sellers did the repairs. Our inspector did a re-inspection and approved the repairs. We have been in our house for 40 days, and shingles started to fly off with wind. A roofer came to see the damage but found that all the replaced shingles are architectural shingles, and do not match the flat tab shingles. There is a space or buckle where the new shingle meets up to the old shingles. Our inspector said that he isn’t required to know types of shingles or if they are the right type and refuses to honor his 90 day warranty. Also he claims that his warranty company does not cover roofs. He is certified through nachi. My home owners insurance has decided to not cover me because of these patches of buckled “repaired” shingles.
What can I do?

What kind of warranty are you suggesting the inspector provided. His own or some warranty company? Talk to the company if it is the latter. You might try small claims court in the alternative.

Personally, I NEVER provided any kind of warranty.

It sounds like your inspector made a huge mistake. Also the inspector is wrong if he his is a member of InterNACHI.

InterNachi SOP:

II. The inspector shall describe:
[li]the type of roof-covering materials.[/li][/LIST]

Try contacting Nick here - How do I file a complaint against a home inspector?

Call the person who did the repairs and have them try again. Hopefully, they were a licensed roofing company.

Since the home inspector decided to take the liability that comes with inspecting someone elses repair, tell him if he doesn’t make it right, you will sue him in small claims court.

Also, where are you located and how big was the repair?