Two disconnects

Anyone know of a reason for two disconnecting means on a 5 ton condensing unit?

The AHJ did not allow the one behind the unit so they “moved it”.

Could there have been 2 smaller units at a prior time?

I like the AHJ wanted it moved theory but let me offer one more. If the units label requires fuses for protection then the second Milbank pull out may be fused in order to add fuses to the circuit. The HVAC guys don’t like going into a panel if they can avoid it. I still like bruce’s theory better then mine though.

You are probably right Bruce. Neither of them are really BEHIND the unit.

Did you pop the cover and see how the wiring is routed. What size is the dwelling?..I guess it is possible that only (1) unit was installed and provisons were made for an additional unit. However, the layout is strange. I would have popped the covers to see how it is possibly routed.

I dont think those are fused disconnects. They both appear to be non-fused pull outs but without a view within them ( hint…hint…lol ) . On a side note, it has been some years since I have seen a residential AC unit require fuses only. However, it is always still possible and i agree with Tom in that the poor HVAC guy would prefer to do this than get into the panel.

If it was me and it was a clearance issue, I would have just installed a WP Junction Box and extended the conductors. the problem is neither look like they were located behind the AC unit…again, let me see some inside the cover shots…:wink: