Two Flues, One Fireplace?

Hello everyone, I just did an inspection on Saturday. The thing that struck me as odd was there was a single chimney that had two flues visible at the top, but there was only one fireplace in the house and everything was electric – no gas. Was the second flue just a rough-in for a second fireplace? Or do both flues serve the one fireplace?

Do you have a photo?

My guess it’s there for a fuel appliance flue, even though it’s electric now, it’s there if/when needed.

I agree. I have 2 fireplaces and 3 flues. 1 for each fireplace and 1 for gas appliances.

Electric furnace?
Upgraded to electrical furnace. In the basement there might be signs of oil pipe lead in on the chimney side.
Look for 3 inch circle on the exterior wall. Fresher brighter concrete patch for the hole. Oil tank pipe. If you can get to the chimney crown the liners will tell you there use.
Fire place will be charcoal powdery. Oil furnace will be oily residue.

Thanks for the replies guys. There definitely wasn’t any indication of a previous oil tank or system…although the basement was finished, so hard to tell. It currently has a heat pump which was upgraded in '06. The house is an '89. I think I agree that it’s just there in case they ever need it. Just seems strange to do that in a neighborhood that doesn’t have gas lines.