Pizza oven? Bread warmer? Room smoker?

Fireplaces in the basement and living room (shown) both had normal flues in this big masonry chimney.

Main floor- on the kitchen side was what looked like a two-section pizza oven, but the lower and upper, although they both were lined what looked like firebrick, were not connected. The upper oven had what looked like an 8-inch flue, but there was no smoke shelf and looking up into it, it curved away out of sight about four feet up.

Can’t build a fire below to heat the upper section 'cause there’s no flue. No reason to buld a fire in the upper section, 'cause with no smoke shelf it’ll smoke like crazy, it wouldn’t warm the lower section and there’s no place to put food if the thing’s got a fire in it.

Each fireplace had a little vent on the side of the firebox which had a sliding cover. The chimney partially terminated on the second floor and two three-inch vents were visible.

Think these vents were somhow routed around the pizza oven thingie to heat the firebricks/oven?

I’d be scratch’in my head too Kenton!
Is this a very old chiney structure with a newer building around it?
Is also notice the motar does not match on the CMUs pictured as if it had been modified.

I have an old smoke house/bread oven on my property that they used to build a fire in the bread oven portion to heat the clay domed area and then rake out the coals to bake the bread with the trapped heat. It has a door to the oven portion. It was built in 1865 or so by German settlers to this area.

This home was built in 2000, Michael. The firebox vents were located in the side of the firebox about a foot off the bottom of the box.

unconventional construction - refer to a pizza oven maker person

could the lower “oven” be a wood storage area. maybe lined with firebrick because that’s what they had?

I would call for a level II chimney inspection in anyway but let me speculate.

The 8" flue from the “pizza oven” is used as a charcoal grill flue or for a hibachi grill. Should vent fine. Is there a damper on the 8"?

The sliding doors could be for combustion air to each fireplace. And the sliders would permit it to be closed off for each when not in use.

My opinion for fun and thought only.

Yep, damper installed. Combustion air possible, little grill a good possibility. No soot on fireplaces so they seem to draw OK. Chimney has adequate clearance above rooftop.

Looks nice Kent, but I’m partial to the blue carpeting…:shock: …](*,)

You didn’t see any “Mexican Rivera” magazines laying around did you?..:-({|=


I have seen some thing similar but the owners only used for storing fire wood.

Dale… blue… you’re partial to it on the living room floor but can’t stand it on the bathroom walls. I’m thinking there’s a pattern here but can’t quite nail it down. I think it’s the wild Turkey that’s confusing me.