Two Service Masts?

I have a question regarding the service entrance and I guess a lot of other unknowns,haha.

I’ve been inspecting for a little over a year and this is the first for me. The home is 100 years old and has a fuse box electrical panel along with a newer sub panel. I could not see the service meter because it was contained behind wall enclosure in the picture below and I am really not sure on the service amperage or anything going on here.

Can anyone help on how to advise my client on this situation?

Since they have 2 masts, are you sure the panel you’re referring to as a sub-panel, the newer one, really is a sub-panel? If it is indeed a sub, it’s not wired as a sub.

Really too many unknowns for definitive answers. You need to see the meter/s and any other things that may be hiding behind that wall.

Also I’m pretty sure the local utility should have access to the meter if needed.

I would recommend further evaluation once access has been obtained to see behind the wall.

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Here’s a better photo of the service entrance

I too believe you have 2 services.

The mast should not have other wiring being supported by the mast.

It looks to me as if the original service entrance has been tapped into.

It was definitely wired as a sub

Does anyone have any ideas what I could recommend here?

I would head in this direction.

The reason I say it’s not wired as a sub is I see what appears to be the crossbar in place connecting the two buses together.

That cross bar is in place but it stops short on the right side and does not connect to the neutrals.

You posted the same fused panel photo in another thread.

You’ll have to go back to this property.
The first thing is to establish that there are really two meters, one per mast head, and accessible to the utility. It appears they just needed more power, and added a second masthead and service, and there’s nothing wrong with that, as long as the utility did the service drop connection.

Definitely take the NACHI course on this topic, so you can refer to all the parts by their proper names.

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