question on electrical service

Can someone tell me if this masthead and service in the first photo looks okay? It serves two electrical panels second photo. Does anyone see anything wrong with this service? I would really appreciate any feedback.


2 elect question.jpg

1 elect question.jpg

The mast and weather head are pushing the 3 foot rule…code says that service equipment is not to be installed within three feet of a window. Looks more like 18" to me. Weather head is high enough, but some jurisdictions won’t allow mounting under an eave.
As for the panels, looks like someone punched their own crude knockout on the wires at bottom of the left panel, which ain’t kosher, and did not secure the wire with a clamp and ring nut, like those at top, which also ain’t kosher. Discoloration of the 2-pole breakers on the lower right side of the buss kindles visions of arcing, deterioration of the breakers, buss bar damage, and all kinds of stuff that’s not cool. I am assuming the second panel is fed from the first, can’t really tell anything about it with the cover on. Now that I look again…is the center device on the right side of the left panel in your pic feeding the second panel? If so, it may be undersized (thus the discoloration), and not providing overcurrent protection.

Looks like 2 different brands of breakers

Not going to go into codes… :smiley: Simply don’t want to argue the 3" rule, since the they like non-opening windows, or that the 3" doesn’t apply since its conduit encased(not an open set of conductors).

However, the first photo makes it appear that the POA, point of attachment is above the goose-neck. This can result in water possibly migrating into the conduit, and then into the meter base, and so on and so on. Defer to a qualified electrician for meter-base inspection, and evaluation.

As for the panels, I can hardly see them, I would document the absence of ‘grounds’ and their purpose, and look if some type of bonding exists between the neutral bar and the box. I often find the screw missing. :frowning: If no bonding screw, or that cable at the bottom is coming through a nail hole, poor photo, I would defer because something weird might be going on.

Disclaimer: the panels might be bonded to the meter-base, because of the conduit, and the separation of the panel from the neutral bar might be OK, since no branch circuit grounds. However the second photo comments are pure guesses, since I would have to take a peek in person.

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The drip loop looks good to me. It appears to be a non-opening window anyways.

Even if the window was operable, this particular drip loop installation is absolutely fine. It’s above the window.

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The lower portion of the loop is lower than the mast head itself. Water will not climb up to the mast head area.

It’s fine.

If you say so, I disclaimed what I couldn’t see in the second photo, I had second thoughts I was missing much in the first.

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