Type of inspection camera?

Do you use this, too?


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Simon, you’ve been peaking in my tool box, haven’t you??


Yes! it’s loaded with interesting gadgets :slight_smile: I didn’t mean to make a mess, either. I promise to put it all back.


I use a Nikon coolpix P900 83 x option zoom wide and folding display …I love it for roof photo from the ground…

Holy crap!! I want one!!

For you smart phone users:

APEXEL HD 60X Professional Phone Camera Lens Telescope Lens Super Telephoto Zoom Monocular Extendable Tripod For Most Smartphones. With Blue-tooth shutter remote. $85 to $95

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Telephoto is moderately useful for roofs from the ground, but if you walk the roof, and for the interior, macro (close up) mode will be used more often.

I use Samsung note 9 does great job.

For those that remember…

Good ole Polaroid

And Motorola StarTac


iPhone 12 Pro has thee (3) CAMARA lenses.
Normal/Wide Angle/Zoom

I use a software platform that allows me to capture and place each picture taken on site directly into the Report sub-System (Exterior/Roofing/Structure/HVAC/Interior… and so on and so forth)
Simultaneously I capture many other shots directly into my Camera Memory for later ‘editing’, ‘cropping’, ‘magnifying’, adding text and comments’…
I am a strong believer that “A single picture speaks a Thousand words”
I have a FLIR Infrared Add-On Camera ($350) that plugs directly to the iPhone port and allows me to integrate those pictures with the Inspection Software too.
I use a Drone 4K-HD Camera (…occasionally) and those I add on later in my laptop.

An iPhone 8 Plus also works. I used it for 3 years before I upgraded to the 12Pro motivated for the high quality of its Zoom camera and Low-Light shooter.

I carry my iPad Pro with me on-site as a backup. It integrates all the pictures via the iCloud memory Bank effortlessly.

My Inspection Software is HORIZON…!!

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So I’m using a Canon rebel EOS t6 with a Tamron 16 x 300mm lens. It is a 25 megapixel camera but you can choose the resolution you would like your pictures to be saved at in the camera settings. Some programs will struggle with large MP photos. I’m using Spectora it handles the 25mp images. Clients and agents I have commented that they like the clarity and detail of the photos.
I like this Canon a lot, there was a bit of a learning curve but it’s a rock solid workhorse. You can put hundreds of thousands of images through and rely on it.
The biggest game changer for me was getting the Tamron 16x300 lens. It is a wide-angle, telephoto zoom which basically means I don’t ever have to change a lens it will take wide-angle shots underneath a bathroom sink and it will easily zoom up and show me two or three bricks worth of a two and a half story tall chimney, from the ground. The only limitation is it does not let in as much light as the kit lenses that came with the camera, so I do have a larger flash that I sometimes need to use in dark areas. I also sometimes just use my flashlight.
When I was just using the two kit lenses I was either struggling to change the lens to get a zoom shot. Or if I was in rush I would end up taking less useful photos which I would then be mad at myself for when I was writing the report.
I have more than once found something while looking at the photos that I had missed on site.

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I uses a Panasonic DMC-TS4 and like Bob I like back ups, so the back up is Panasonic DMC-TS3. Finally, should both mysteriously fail the same day at the same venue then I have a Samsung Galaxy phone.

Bottom Line: Always have a backup or a plan B…

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