Type Of Pee Trap

I was looking to find some information regarding this type of pee trap. Sorry about the bad photo.

It looks like it is made of Lead. I see these several times a year.

They are a poor design, they get plugged up pretty easily, but if it is working, leave it alone. The lead is not a health concern (in the house) as it is on the waste side of the system.

Old drum trap…recommend replacement.

Drum trap
Common in the Chicago area, though no longer allowed since they clog easier.
Not a big deal.
Often found under the tub areas.
That is where you need to be careful to put the cover back on properly however as they have the opening facing bottom and can leak .

Hardware stores carry the parts , so I would not panic anyone.

Looks a little wet on the underside of the tub waste line.
That’s just plain old “fuggly”, but if it’s working, leave it alone.

Explain to the buyers the issue with the drum traps, let them decide if they want to replace them.

I don’t know about you, but if I don’t put enough emphasis on something like that the client finds it on the basement floor 1 week after they move in.
Considering the obvious condition of the brass waste and overflow and all else actually I would tell the client it is necessary to replace as soon as it is in the budget or hit the seller with it.:slight_smile:

Agreed, I would describe it as not leaking, but was leaking, a potential leak, replace with a proper p-trap as a precaution.

John Kogel