What is this thing....???

I found this in a home built in 1950. The “can” is a component of the sanitary sewer. 2" cast-iron inlet from the bathtub drain connected to the bottom of the can; 2" C.I. outlet at top of can ties into 2-1/2" C.I. pipe then 4" C.I. to main sewer. The can is 4" diameter and 5-1/2" tall. As you can see, it’s rusted pretty badly and leaking from the top of the can.

What is this “can” and what is its purpose?

Repair is unlikely due to the extensive rust. So replacement is necessary. Is this component still available today? If not, can it be replaced with a standard P-trap…or what?

Any help is appreciated.




Old time drum trap. Now they install P-traps under the tub. Pretty common in homes of the 50’s in this area as well.

Good video to learn about replacement. http://www.thisoldhouse.com/toh/video/0,,20252981,00.html

Drum traps, common in older homes, can be costly to replace.

See illustration.

Many years ago a client tried to get me to pay about a grand to replace. My report with pictures of moisture damage confirmed with a moisture meter worked well. Judge made client pay me for my time in court.

Call them out.

For a guy that is a American plumbing staple you think he would buy or at least endorse better tools.
After 30 plus years of watching this old house I think he still uses the same plumbing tools.
Good video.

I saw Rigid aluminum handled pipe wrenches, Channel lock pliers and a Sawzall. I didn’t know they made better tools for the job these days. Of course I may just be too old.

I did plumbing work about a hundred years ago, while I was in school. Those were the same tools I used then and still have today, except my wrenches have heavy *** steel handles, because the aluminum ones were to costly for me back in those days.

I have the same tools in my tool boxes Mr.Evans.
Its is just his tools seem worn and different brands if I am not mistaken.
I remember Norm Abrams always got the newest carpentry tools. I think Sears started him off but the porter cable, and others rushed in.
Then again how many tools does a plumber need.
I thought he would have the latest battery powered cutters, grinders and other gear.

THANKS very much Stephen and David. Learned something worthwhile today.