What type of plumbing thingy is this

Saw this on a bathroom sink and tub drain in the basement

. No p trap up above, so I am assuming it is a style of p trap. Is this acceptable in any way? The house was owned by an older plumber.

You got to be kidding.

It’s a drum trap.


That what I said too!

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I agree with a drum trap. I’ve never seen one constructed with PVC fittings. Cast iron all day long. That technology was by the wayside once PVC came around.

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Great thanks.

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You got to be kidding

Where’s Ben when we/they need him?

He has his certification, how did he get that. :flushed::

Man cant wait till I am old and crotchy and have nothing better to do but pile onto a newbie.
I cant believe how lame you guys are the second someone asks for help.
It must be amazing to be so perfect as you.
Get a life, or better yet- end it


You have to put on your big boy pants it gets rough in here. :grimacing: Any way welcome Adam.


Adam, don’t take it personally, and just ignore the grumpy oldfarts :slight_smile:

It is part of the training now he won’t forget it. :grinning:

He’ll be ignoring everyone lol.

Are you saying you’re old & grumpy? :upside_down_face:

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Yes, I am getting there! :wink:

You know what’s funny? the only reason Marcel knew about the drum trap is because he has one in his house :smiley: I think he mentioned that he removed it, but I don’t believe him :slight_smile:

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Nope, still have one in the kitchen. Left that one in in case my wife drops here ring in the drain. LOL


No he is not. A shoemaker wears the worst shoes.

Evening, Adam. Hope to find you well this evening.
I suspect a majority of new inspectors had a hard time identifying various water traps they get to observe during a home inspection.
Good on you! Best to get to the MB when you have a question to ask and don’t mind ridicule. Brush it off. You are doing the right thing.

That fixture is a plumbing water trap. Unfortunately, this type of water trap, a Drum Trap, is non compliant in most jurisdictions.
A drum trap is a non compliant plumbing trap, in most jurisdictions, because it’s neither self cleaning nor easy to clean.
Bottle traps on the other hand are compliant. You will likely run into a Bottle trap during your journey inspecting homes.

## Sink, Wash Basin And Urinal Traps Explained

Hope that helps.

Yep Adam, posting is sometimes like using a corncob for toilet paper. Don’t worry, keep posting and don’t let them intimidate you. They’re not so bad once you get to know them.
Well, there are some exceptions, but you’ll know about them soon enough.