what kind of roofing is this?

P1040366 roof.jpg

P1040369 roof2.jpg

I did an inspection today and have not seen this kind of roofing material yet, what is it? It was fairly soft and pliable like asphalt shingles. It was attached with grommet headed nails. This roof was applied over an existing old asphalt shingle roof.

P1040369 roof2.jpg

I don’t know, but it looks like a tarp over what is supposed to be a metal roof.


absolute junk.

Thanks, Mark, what the heck is it made of and does it have a life expectancy?

It’s made just like an asphalt shingle, but without granules, and in a big corrugated sheet. Looks like crap after 10 years. Lasts about like you’d expect a huge asphalt shingle without granules to last. I’m far from any roofing guru. I just recognized the stuff from your pictures and I know what it looks like in time- crap.

I don’t know, there are so good promises out there.


Thanks Mark, I do some research and get some education on the material.

Since you’re so close to Canada, it might also be Onduline. Same stuff.

That’s a scary service cable in your first pic, not allowed to cross a roof like that across the border in Canada. :eek:
Dumb Canucks want to grab that when they go sliding off the roof.

John Kogel

I’ve seen similar roofing that is fibreglass. Looks the same as your pic. I know a guy who paid $12,000 CDN for the product on 1 roof!

Looks like polyester resin to me also.
Underlayment is fiberglass cloth in the picture from what I can tell.

Before the Ondura comments, I was thinking fiberglass, too. HOWEVER, this closeup of Ondura shows a similar texture. :?:

John Kogel




Save me the trouble
Does it have a fiberglass web?

Definetly Ondura. Use to sell the stuff when I worked at Lowe’s. Total junk. Aspalt based sheets that damaged very easily when we had to stock them. The company even sold touchup paint for it. I,d hate to see what happens to it during a hail storm.

looks like onduline to me definately.
I installed that a few times back in the early 80’s. back then it was guaranteed to last 40 years, (as long as every tree was cut off the property!)
its sort of like hard cardboard with a paint coat.

Ondura…I installed some of it several years ago…its still holding up but its nothing to brag about.


Thanks for all the comments. It turned out to be Onduline. I did call out the SE cable too close to the roof. The customer didn’t buy the house.