Is it a defect

See this recent thread on the same subject: ,i.e. post #8. Yep, I’d write it up if it were taped and especially if the tape were deteriorated as shown.

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: Any questions???

Yes, but did that MORON put it on letter head and sign it?:smiley: someone should call him and let him know about the control panel. That is so far from the truth it is not even funny.
We used to call these guys stationwagon mechanics.

It was done in an unworkman like manner??

Won’t that cause the Toilet to overflow?

Most condensing fan motors run only one way because the condensing fan, on an unit like that, has blades only pitched one way. You would have to order a special motor and it would cost a lot extra to turn the opposite way. I use to own a HVAC company and I was the one who ordered the motors we stocked in the vans with. We carried every common motor with us and it was the blower motors that would be an odd ball every once in a while.

Let me see… how do I say this? “Damn straight” it’s a defect!!! :cool:

I like plumbers, they go with the flow…or can get the flow to go and all I know say payday’s on Friday :mrgreen:

That’s so you can blow the grass clippings out of the coil! :slight_smile:

Just stick it in reverse and out it goes!

Or maybe it’s to adjust for when the day sucks or blows?

I understand the “parts changer’s” logic in leaving them sticking out of the top of the unit (pure laziness, no pride in workmanship, etc), but I can’t justify purposefully leaving wires sticking out of the top of a unit.
I wonder what an insurance adjuster would say, if some kid decided to play with those wires and helped them find a path to ground?

If nothing else, it is just ugly!

What are the pipes sticking out of the wall behind the unit?
If they are refrigerant piping, they need some insulation.
Regardless of what they are, the penetration looks suspect.

This would have received my stamp of disapproval! :cool:

-X The tech said they didn’t know which direction the motor would rotate???:wha?: The written directions for these motors state which rotation they are wired for. Maybe the technician needs to take some remedial reading classes.:mrgreen:

It tells you the direction but does not “explain” shaft/lead end of observation!